260+ Million Consumers Engaged per Month


2 TB+ Client Data Managed Daily


250,000 Social Interactions Processed per Second During World Cup

Connected Intelligence

Gather data through social listening to connected devices. Analytics & reporting down to the individual customer level with identity resolution. We also provide access to your raw data (EDW) so you can get the exact information at the exact time you need it.

Real-Time Big Data Processing

SAP HANA integration enables millions of records from multiple sources to be managed and processed in real-time, allowing your business to scale without a significant data warehouse investment.


Beyond Omni-Channel Communication

Engagement tools that enable your brand to build highly personalized customer relationships. Content, commerce and experiences can be efficiently delivered both in the moment and over time, triggered by specific individual behaviors and/or location.

Solutions for Start-Ups to Enterprise

Build apps using phz.io APIs, or contact us directly for enterprise needs.

phz.io Overview

phz.io by Phizzle is a cloud/on-prem solution that enables customer-driven organizations to

  • gather and analyze intelligence to understand consumer behavior
  • identify highly targeted marketing opportunities
  • automate customer engagement.

We enable real-time processing of millions of records generated through social media, connected devices, and commerce (online and off). We also provide access to data at the individual customer level-with identity resolution. The phz.io solution is an SAP-preferred partner solution and has certified integration with SAP HANA, along with robust business intelligence and data visualization from the SAP BusinessObjects™ Cloud.

The underlying technology of phz.io can be used in applications beyond consumer interaction. Contact us for more information at info@phizzle.com.


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What Our Customers Say

We worked closely with Phizzle on gamification integration, and the Phizzle team was great at helping us determine how we could best leverage their loyalty platform for this initiative.
Alycia De AvilaDirector of Global Sponsorships, SAP
Phizzle’s mobile marketing tools to offer fans of the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals the opportunity to connect with the teams in a one-on-one and pioneering way.
Jim CuddihyExecutive Vice President, Affiliate Relations and Marketing, MASN